Lots of Green in Small Space
Germander Sage, Mexican Blue Sage
Coyote Bush
Germander Sage, Mexican Blue Sage

Common name:Germander Sage, Mexican Blue Sage
Botanical name:Salvia chamaedryoides

Low mounding perennial grows to 2' x 2'. Spreads by underground runners. Produces a small, silvery foliage which serves as a background for bright blue flowers. Bruised leaves have spicy fragrance. Heaviest bloom appears in spring and early fall, intermittent throughout the rest of the season. Needs full sun and a well drained site. Do not fertilize. Very drought tolerant. Native to eastern Mexico.

Coyote Bush

Common name:Coyote Bush
Botanical name:Baccharis pilularis 'Pigeon Point'

'Pigeon Point' is a compact, evergreen ground cover that grows 18"- 24" tall and 10'-12' wide. It is the preferred form of the Coyote Bush. Its leaves are green; it has white flowers that bloom in the fall. It is important to plant this groundcover that are at least 6' -10' apart. Otherwise they will overgrow each other and create a high groundcover. 'Pigeon Point' is tolerant of ocean spray and is deer resistant.

Sustainable Landscaping Fundamentals

Sustainable landscaping is a term coined to mean sensible landscape practices that work within the limits of the Eco-system. This means within the limits of your local rainfall, soil conditions and sun patterns.

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Lots of Green in Small Space

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Water Saving Tip:

As the weather gets hotter avoid the temptation to increase run times.

Instead, schedule more start times with one to two hours in between to allow the water from the previous session to soak in before watering again.