Raised Planter with Natives
Pygmy Date Palm, Roebelin Palm
Manzanita, Dr. Hurd
Germander Sage, Mexican Blue Sage
Pygmy Date Palm, Roebelin Palm

Common name:Pygmy Date Palm, Roebelin Palm
Botanical name:Phoenix roebelenii

This tree will grow to about 10' tall and has dark green, spiny petiole foliage. It does well in full sun to heavy shade; it likes moderate to heavy irrigation, but can take periods of dryness.

Manzanita, Dr. Hurd

Common name:Manzanita, Dr. Hurd
Botanical name:Arctostaphylos manzanita 'Dr. Hurd'

This is a large shrub with showy bark that reaches 8'-20' tall and wide. It has dark red bark, large pale green leaves and white to pink flower clusters that bloom from February to March.

Germander Sage, Mexican Blue Sage

Common name:Germander Sage, Mexican Blue Sage
Botanical name:Salvia chamaedryoides

Low mounding perennial grows to 2' x 2'. Spreads by underground runners. Produces a small, silvery foliage which serves as a background for bright blue flowers. Bruised leaves have spicy fragrance. Heaviest bloom appears in spring and early fall, intermittent throughout the rest of the season. Needs full sun and a well drained site. Do not fertilize. Very drought tolerant. Native to eastern Mexico.

Managing Your Soil

Healthy soil is the cornerstone of a vibrant landscape. It provides oxygen and nutrients vital to plant growth and sustenance. It provides protection from the sun and stability for root systems.

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Raised Planter with Natives

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Water Saving Tip:

As the weather gets hotter avoid the temptation to increase run times.

Instead, schedule more start times with one to two hours in between to allow the water from the previous session to soak in before watering again.